Friday, October 15, 2010

Week 7 - Happy Birthday

Tonight was not all about bowling we had a huge celebration with not 1 but 2 Llama Chasers birthdays. Brick and Brandon share the same October 11th birth date and they were able to celebrate it with 75 of their closest friends in our bowling league. Brick inched one more year closer to retirement turning 35 and Brandon, just a few years out of diapers, turned 27. For his birthday the Llama Chasers got Brandon a spectacular t-shirt(available soon in our team shop, makes a great Christmas gift) and Brick got nothing. With the celebration under way it only made sense that we would dominate tonight, right? Uhhh not so much. The Three Stooges (Ryan, Tom, and Kevin) decided to put a damper on the birthday bash and all bowled under average, Nate joined them under average as well. Brandon however, fresh off a two week Disney World vacation, showed up in style with a 30 pin over average 195, his highest score on the year and he was just getting started. But with 4 Llama Chaesers under average we lost game 1 by over 100 pins. Shortly before game 1 ended I got a call from Curves, Inc. to let me know the strippers I had arranged for Brick and Brandon were literally tied up and would not be able to make it. At that point I gave Tom the nod and he knew what to do and in grand style he bowled a below skirt average 137. I was not in the skirt for them but I'm sure the picture here is what was in their dreams later. Unfortunately Tom did not offer lap dances to the birthday boys. Game 2 Kevin bowled a very nice 193, Brick bowled a 237 which included his team leading 11th Llama which is more than the rest of the team combined, and Brandon continued his stellar night with his new Llama Chaser high 216 and did I mention he was just getting started. But unfortunately the 2 ladies on the team were busy trying to avoid the skirt again. Avoid it they did but barely. Tom bowled a 146 and Ryan, in honor of his new 137 Triplicate Patch guessed it 137. So thanks to the gorgeous gals of the ShoreHaven Men's League we lost game 2. Game 3 was all about Brandon. Brandon finally found the ever-elusive Llama but he didn't stop their next came the Super Llama(5 strikes in a row), then the Mega-Llama(6 in a row) then the Ultra-Llama(7 in a row). 7 frames, 7 strikes. Keep in mind whichever Llama Chaserbowls 11 strikes in a row first gets to name it. As of now only 10 strikes have been bowled in a row by a Llama Chaser, Brick did it and named it the Bahama Llama. We have been at this for 9 YEARS, how crazy would it be for Brandon to get to 11 strikes first and he has been on the team 7 WEEKS. But in the 8th frame his first ball got away from him so he had to settle for a spare, he then added 2 more strikes and 9 more pins for a team high on the year of 263 and a terrific 674 series. Brick showed he is human with 3 straight opens to start game 3 and ended with his second worst game on the year of 177. Kevin struggled to a 144 and just avoided the skirt. Ryan finally pulled his head out of his ass and bowled a 216. As you can see Tom was not as lucky getting his head out of his ass and bowled a 148 to finish with a ridiculously low 431 series, his series was just 5 pins ahead of Brick's 2 game average on the year of 426(213 average). Luckily with Brandon's huge game and Ryan's 44 pins over average we got a win on the night to finish 2-5. Hopefully Brandon builds off his monster week and Ryan, Tom, and Kevin get their acts together and we put a winning streak together. Before I go let me touch on the quote on the top of the web site..."A moment on your lips, forever on your hips". A man should never utter that phrase, never! The team had just ordered a pizza and offered Brick a piece then he let lose with his "manly" quote. When Brick said that we all just looked at him and couldn't believe our ears. Call me a fat @ss, tell me I shouldn't eat at 10 o'clock at night because it is not good for you, don't say "A moment on your lips, forever on your hips". I imagine that is what they say at like a Jenny Craig meeting or on the "Biggest Loser". I'm done, I am now going to erase this from my mind and pretend Brick never said it otherwise I can't look at him the same way and it is almost 10 o'clock I need to go to the fridge and get a slice a pizza.
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  1. You Llama Chasers make my day. Can I come to see you bowl, in person, with a few friends?

  2. Seems you guys have some fans...hopefully they're nubes.

  3. Anonymous, please send a picture and fill out the online application.