Monday, November 28, 2011

Week 12 - The Red-Headed Stepchild

In the Urban Dictionary it defines a Red-Head Stepchild like this...

With red hair being rare, a child born to non red headed parents was often assumed to be the child of an affair. Thus was treated badly, usually in the form of beatings.

I am not exactly sure how that quote fits the Llama Chasers red-headed stepchild but it made me laugh so I went with it. With this forum I usually try to make fun of Kevin, Tom, Brandon, and Brick and praise myself. Every now and then, when it is called for, I do applaud the efforts of the others...for example from last week with The Llama Queen. I have written a lot of nice things about Brick this year, last year I wrote a lot of good things about Brandon in the second half when he had went off, I even write nice things about Kevin from time to time like when he buys us peanuts or pizza(I would write nice things about his bowling if he wasn't the worst bowler on the team). But the Llama Chaser that might get the most abuse and the least praise is Tom.

When I revisited the scores sheets from week 12 I thought to myself "Wow, Tom had a great night!" Then I thought about his average which is a stellar 204 and I thought "Wow, I don't now if a have even really touched on how well he is doing this season in any of my recaps." So this week I want to focus the the Llama Chasers Red-headed Stepchild Tom...the beatings stop today!

Our little "ginger"(no, he doesn't really have red hair) came out with a snap!(Get it, gingersnap...nevermind.) Tom dropped in a Llama and a turkey in game 1 and finished with a 234! In game 2 he rolled a stellar clean game 226 which included another ever-illusive Llama. In game 3 he started to tire from carrying the team but still managed another Llama and another game over 200 with a 210. On the night he had only 2 opens, both of which were splits. The 670 series, I know its only 10 pins above Bricks average, was impressive. Tom has risen over the last 2 years from the second worst bowler on the team to the second best bowler. And he leads the 3rd best bowler(although some would argue average doesn't mean everything) by 20 pins on average, 204 vs 184. So hats off to Tom on a fantastic night and a great year that is getting lost in Brick's mind-blowing season.

Speaking of Brick he had a bad night, although it is a night Kevin, Brandon, or myself would be very happy with. He went 182, 235, 181 - 598 series. He wiggled his way out of the skirt in 2 games, the Llama King did still manage to drop in 2 llamas on the night.

I made fun of Kevin for never bowling good and then I looked at the sheet and he smoked me...oops. Kevin went 207, 194, 193 - 594 series. Although we do chase Llamas on this team but even with that nice series Kevin chose not to.

Brandon had a nice night too...201, 227, 218 - 646 series. Actually he had a better night than Tom if you want to look at averages. This is the Red-headed Stepchild thing where we now beat him down again. I guess I should have looked at this score sheet a little harder before I started praising Tom when he wasn't even the best on the team. Now that I think about it Kevin might have done better versus his average than Tom versus his.

Tom at least had a better night than my 166, 186, 213 - 565 series.

We ended up a nice 5-2 on the night and gave Brick a nice little rest from carrying us.

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