Monday, January 9, 2012

Week 19 - Payback

Before we talk about week 19 let's flashback to week 16...We were playing OBGY-Pin, probably our favorite team in the league, who just happened to be our opponent in week 19.

Well if you remember it was the last week of the 1st half and both us and OBGY-Pin were at the bottom of the standings playing for nothing. It didn't really matter if we won or lost. That is what everyone thought, but not to me, you better beleive it mattered.

You all remember we went 0-7 in week 15 which meant we got the pleasure of playing with the naked gentleman cards in week 16. And what a pleasure it was. The catch was as soon as we won a game the cards and the enormous packages on them went away.

So there we were with not a care in the world not really caring how well we bowled only trying to get a mark so we could get another naked man card. The smiles that were on my teammates faces brought me almost as much joy as the birth of my children. You could tell they were looking at something that just felt right. No more pretending to like the naked girls cards, it was just the boys hanging out the boys on the cards. Tom noted how one of "his" guys looked like Goose for Top Gun. Kevin mentioned how much one of the men looked like a guy he had a crush on in high school. Brick and Brandon were debating which guy would be the most fun in a threesome. They were all so happy. And I was happy because they were happy, the naked guy thing doesn't really do it for me but I was just overwhelmed with pleasure my friends were having...

And the it happened OBGY-Pin let us win and POOF!! Just like that the men and the hairless naked bodies were gone. There are certainly things you remember exactly where you were when they happened. I will never forget this, I was in a bowling alley.

Now back to week 19 and Payback!!

I could tell there was a different look in our teams eye this night. Tom started strong again with a clean game 245 which included a Mega-Llama. Kevin, with visions of men running through his head, bowled a 215. I tried to play it cool like I wasn't to upset and rolled a 191. Brandon and Brick held back their emotions real well and both were under average in Game 1. We won game 1.

Game 2 Brick and Ryan had had enough. Brick had a clean game 246 with a llama and Ryan had a 225 with a llama. Each time Brick and I looked at one another, no words were spoken but we knew we were doing this for the "boys". Brandon, Tom, and Kevin were playing it cool and all bowled under average because they knew Brick and I did enough for a victory in game 2.

Game 3 the Payback continued. I bowled another llama and finished with a 230. Brandon and Kevin had a very solid friends stay together 198 and Kevin had a llama. And the sweep was finished. We won one for the "boys".

I am hoping this serves as a valuable lessen to OBGY-Pin and really for all the teams in the league...You don't seperate Brick, Brandon, Tom, and Kevin from naked men and you don't upset Ryan's friends.

With the 7-0 on the night the Llama Chasers moved to 12-2 in the second half and the 110-2 dream is still alive!!

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