Monday, January 16, 2012

Week 20 - Shockingly Good!

The Year of the Llama is upon us and now that we no longer have to hear about Tebow Time we can all focus on Llama Time.

We headed into week 20 off to a nice 12-2 start and we were looking to continue our 5 game winning streak. The only thing that stood in front of us was C-Note and his crew or so we thought. It turns out C-Note and crew have taken their talents elsewhere and are no longer part of our league. This meant we were bowling the "blind", I will save you the details of what that means and just say we basically need to bowl around our averages to win which is exactly what a few of my teammates decided to do.

The lanes were rather oily on this night and most teams in the league struggled, I struggled as well. One person who had absolutely no trouble with the lanes was Brandon.

Brandon was on fire!!!! He started with an open but then dropped in a few spares, a lot of strikes, including a Super Llama, and finished with a 234. Tom had a solid 208 in game 1, Kevin was around average with a 177, Brick closed strong with a turkey for a 190, and I did nothing well and finished with a skirt worthy 145. Nothing better than getting a win and having someone end up in the skirt...unless of course it's me in the skirt.

Game 2 Brandon continued to work his magic, he closed with a Llama and rolled a 213. Kevin saw how much fun Brandon was having bowling strikes and decided to do the same. Kevin started with a Super Llama and closed with a Llama for a spectacular 247. Brick added a clean game 209. Tom was busy fantasizing about the things he would do to me while I was in the skirt that he decided drop in a 146 and throw a skirt on for game 3. Well everyone knows I want to help my friends when I can and so I decided I would bowl another 145 and keep my skirt on. What better than a win and 1 person in a skirt? A win and 2 people in a skirt of course.

As game 3 started Tom and I ran away for some quick girl on girl action and then posed for a picture on the skeeball machine. As you can see in the pic above we were having a splendid time, just 2 girls hanging out, giving our sexiest poses and then BAM! I yell "Ouch" and then Tom yells the same. My first thought was my leg hair(forgot to shave) got caught on the skeeball machine but when Tom screamed like a girl too we realized we were actually SHOCKED or the way I see it damn-near electrocuted. Unfortunately Kevin did not get a picture of us jumping from the machine, it would have been a classic photo. But back to the game, the "Shock Therapy" worked for me as I avoided the skirt triplicate and bowled a 200. Brick got hot and added another clean game including a Super Llama for a 243. Tom's 187 and Kevin's 168 were enough to go with Brandon's 239 for another W. Brandon's 239 included an Ultra Llama, 7 strikes in a row.

Brandon's series was a season high for him 686 and is exactly the kind of bowling the Llama Chasers hope to see from Brandon in the second half.

For those of you counting at home that was 7 points and 3 skirts in the night, something we will likely never see again. Usually when we see 3 skirts it comes with a few losses but bowling the blind and Brandon going off made this special occasion possible.

We are now 19-2 Llama Chaser Nation!!!

On this MLK Day I also have a dream, I have a dream of 7-0. Could you imagine the Llama Chasers at 26-2, I can!!

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