Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Week 10 - The Ugly Llama Chaser

Everyone knows the story of "The Ugly Duckling"...The story tells of a homely little bird born in a barnyard who suffers abuse from the others around him until, much to his delight (and to the surprise of others), he matures into a beautiful swan, the most beautiful bird of all.
Few know of the story of "The Ugly Llama Chaser". This story tells of a homely little boy named Tom, born in South Euclid, Ohio who suffers abuse from other bowlers. This homely little boy bowled as if he was blind and crippled. People would look and laugh at him as missed head pin after head pin and would leave open after open. He would often wear a skirt to try and disguise himself. But nothing could disguise his horrendous bowling week after week, and him bowling under 400 and never once bowling a 600 series. Well much to his delight (and to the surprise of others), he matured into an excellent bowler, not best of all, but pretty solid. He is now averaging a 600 series over the first 10 weeks. My guess is he practiced all summer even though he says he didn't pick up a ball once. Whatever happened I don't care, I am just glad he learned how to bowl again.

Speaking of Tom, he had quite a week. In the first game he started with a Llama, then had a spare, then a Mega-Llama, then a 7 which totalled an amazing 275. Game 2 he added a 210, and then closed out the 3rd game with a 197 for a 682 series.

Brick had another sold night on the lanes posting a 214, 212, 226 - 652 series. He amazingly did not record any Llamas on the night and only 1 turkey.

I was over average in all 3 games with a 211, 187, 212 - 610 series. I allowed Geppetto to fly twice as I rolled 2 Super Llamas.

Kevin was awful with a 179, 139, 201 - 519 series. That 139 did allow us to see his beautiful ass in the skirt which is always a treat.

Andy continued to mope with a 167, 204, 184 - 555 series. Andy started off the season as maybe our best bowler. Then, for some dumb ass reason, he decided to change his bowling ball around week 4. Since then he has bowled bad and moped around. One would think maybe he would go back to the original ball but nope.

The Llama Chaser went 3-4 on the night as our struggles continued. At least our "ugly Llama" has blossomed into a bowler that we are no longer embarassed by.

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