Monday, November 28, 2011

Week 13 - The Dalai Llama Returns

I wasn't really sure what to title this week in bowling, nothing too exciting happened, we went 2-5 on the night, there were a few good games bowled and a lot of average games bowled, but not much to write home about. However in Brick's 3rd game he did do something that doesn't happen that often...9 strikes in a row, better known as the Dalai Llama(which happens to be my favorite Llama name, that is until I bowl 11 strikes in a row which Tom and I have a very good name for). The fact that he bowled 9 strikes in a row is not the reason I titled this week "The Dalai Llama Returns", the actual reason I went with that is the original "The Dalai Llama" recap went viral. Not because it was such a kick ass recap but because apparently when people googled "Dalai Lama" they happened to stumble upon my the article. Now when I say it went viral I simply mean instead of my 4 teammates reading this another 3 or 4 people probably read it as well. If you look to the right you will see it comes up as the most popular post.

So since I may have one or 2 more eyes on this recap than normal I want to take this time to get everyone in on the Llama Chaser Movement. Everyone knows if you bowl 3 strikes in a row it is a turkey but nobody know what it is called when you bowl 4 strikes in a row. Some douchebags out there will say it is called a "Hambone", here is the story behind that...

Hambone is a term made up at the start of the 2007-2008 Pro Bowlers Association (USA) season on ESPN by new announcer Rob Stone. Stone, who was unfamiliar with a lot of bowling terminology, wanted to know why three strikes in a row was called a turkey (way back when, around American Thanksgiving, bowling proprietors would run special jackpots and anyone who got three strikes in a row would get a turkey). When Stone discovered there was no special name for four strikes in a row other than four-bagger, he decided to call it a hambone - notwithstanding that there was a youth bowling award for two strikes that was called a hambone. Stone promised that anyone who brought a hambone sign to a PBA telecast would get on TV and the frenzy started. Bowling purists hate it, not so much for the term itself, but because Stone is so obsessed with his creation that he overdoes it and sometimes ignores the storyline that's unfolding when someone gets four strikes in a row.

Pardon my french but how f'ing dumb is that. I don't know Rob Stone but it is quite obvious he an unimaginative moron!

4 strikes is a row is a Llama, plain and simple.

ESPN can you imagine the marketing you could do with a Llama!? A frenzy started for a f'ing Hambone, seriously? Can you imagine the frenzy behind the Llama!!!!!! Christmas is around the corner would you rather by your little son or daughter who is just starting to bowl an adorable little Llama they can chase or a Hambone that they would likely beat their siblings with. ESPN there is still time to correct this enormous oversight. After all 4 strikes has been called a Llama since 2001, Rob Stone didn't came up with his dumb name until 2007. It seems because of his bowling ignorance the Llama is getting screwed. Llama Chaser Nation this isn't right, let's correct this now. We need to go "Seven degrees of Kevin Bacon" and get to someone at ESPN or the PBA. I'm looking at you Llama Chaser Brian in Chicago, you are in advertising. You know people who know people.

Llama Chaser Nation let's get this done, the Llama deserves this!!

As for bowling this week I mentioned Brick had a Dalai Llama and closed that game with a 270. Tom bowled 3 more games over 200 so he has bowled over 200 in at least 6 straight games. Kevin was right around average all 3 games as was Brandon. Ryan started slow with a 144 but finished strong with a 221 game 2, which included a Llama, and a 246 game 3, which included an Ultra Llama.

Llama Chaser Nation I love you, don't let me down!!

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