Monday, December 5, 2011

Week 14 - Man Ass Motivation

The Llama Chasers have been in a little funk this season. Tom and especially Brick are having great seasons but the team as whole is struggling to get wins. We do have a few things in place to motivate ourselves like paying into the kitty if you don't bowl well and wearing a skirt if you bowl real bad, for example Brick bowling a 205. But I thought the team needed a little extra motivation to get us back on track and pick up some wins. Each week we play cards during bowling, the 5 of us each throw in $1 and if you get mark you get a card. The cards we have happen to have naked girls on them. I am disgusted by these scantily clad/naked woman but Brandon, Tom, Brick, and Kevin just love them. Well I went online this past week and picked up some cards with NAKED MEN on them. We decided any time we lose all 7 in a week the following week we will have to play cards with naked dudes, hence the Man Ass Motivation. But to my surprise Brandon, Brick, Tom, and Kevin loved the naked men cards and wanted to play with them immediately. They were so excited to see the different men and see what they were"packing". It appears my motivational tool backfired, while I was busy starting off game one with a Llama and rolling a 211 the rest of the team was busy trying to lose so we could use the cards ASAP. Tom bowled a 156 and Brick bowled a 172. Had I known they wanted to see the naked cowboys and assless chapped men so badly I would have bought them each a deck to take home. I will say in the first game when Brandon wasn't busy drooling over the men he did bowl solid with 9 strikes and "finished" with a 200. In game 2 Brick led the way with a 226 and we got a win, meaning it will be at least another week until the boys get to play with the boys. Game 3 we lost and ended up going 2-5 on the night. Brick had a nice 223 in game 3 which included his 31st llama on the season! He is on pace for about 70 llamas on the year which would be incredible, his current record is somewhere around 45 llamas. I hope our new naked men friends don't distract him from getting to 70. We also had another new addition to the Llama Chasers gadgets, a gong(picture below). There is a term in bowling called the ringing ten pin which means: leaving the ten pin standing due to the six pin wrapping around the ten pin without knocking it over. For lefties, the ringing seven pin is more common. So basically it is a good ball that you get screwed on. So to help get rid of the frustration you get to "ring" the gong anytime you leave that. It's another excellent addition to our bag of tricks, I just hope the league doesn't make us get rid of our gong because some teams may find it annoying or distracting. Only time will tell.
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