Monday, November 21, 2011

Week 11 - The Llama Queen

Some say a picture is worth a thousand words...I'm not sure I can come up with 1000 but a few words come to, sexy, stunning, where have you been all of my life, beautiful, nut sack, etc. Llama Chaser Nation I present to you, Llama Queen Brick. It takes more than a skirt to become a Llama Queen, you must also bowl a lot of strikes and this she-male was just getting started when "it" bowled a 214, including a llama, while wearing the skirt in the first game. As I look at these pictures Christina Aguilera's song "Beautiful" comes to mind..."You are beatiful no matter what they say." Once this beautiful bowler removed the skirt and put his pants back on he really got going. Over the 20 frames of game 2 and 3 he had 20 strikes!!!!!!!!!! Brick had 5 llamas on the night which is what Ryan has on the year. Keep in mind when you read that that Ryan is the best bowler on the team, if not in stats at least in the opinion of this writer. 5 llamas in 1 night and this is the 2nd or 3rd time he has done that on the year. Brick's game 2 was a 266 and he bettered that with a 267 in game 3. Brick upped his average to a career high 220, which also leads the league. Brandon mentioned to me that right when he saw Brick drop his pants and put on the skirt he could see a sense of calm come over him(Brandon also mentioned a different, actually disgusting sense that came over him but since this is a family friendly blog I wont write about that). He was finally who he was supposed to be, I am quite sure he would have kept the skirt on all night if my wandering hands hadn't become a distraction to his bowling. Just another huge night for Brick as he finished with a 747 series!! He now has 25 llamas on the year!! Brandon had a solid 592 series including a 224 on the second game. Tom rolled a 590 series and had a nice 221 in game 1. Kevin missed the 1st 2 games but dropped in a nice 200 in the 3rd game. Ryan was busy thinking about Brick in the skirt and bowled 181, 177, 168 all 3 games under average. I think we won 1 game on the night. Llama Chaser Nation I just hope these images are burned in your mind's just as they are mine. You will never have a lonely night if they are.

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