Monday, November 21, 2011

Week 10 - Bowling Etiquette 101

As you have probably realized by now I am a few weeks late on the recaps for weeks 10, 11, and 12 so this recap is from bowling on Halloween night...well sort of. Brandon, Tom and myself all have young children who enjoy dressing up and trick or treating. The kids also enjoy having their dad's around for this activity, an idea the Brick didn't really seem to understand. Much to the dismay of Brick we decided to pre-bowl on Friday night so we could spend Monday with our kids. I got to spend Monday with Woody Hayes and Brutus Buckeye. Well Friday night on the lanes is a little more chaotic than Mondays. On Mondays everyone one in the league undertands bowling etiquette, well almost everyone(I'm looking at you Jim Aljancic). On Friday nights nobody understands it.

Here are a few things every bowler should know...

1. Mind your manners.

2. Wear appropriate attire. For example a nice skirt.

3. Give way to the bowler on your right. Instead of rushing to bowl as soon as it's your turn, always give way to a bowler in the lane to your right who is ready to go. If you allow other bowlers to concentrate on their games, they will afford you the same courtesy.

By following these 3 basic rules of etiquette at the bowling alley, everyone will have more fun while learning to bowl! (The website I found this on had 8 rules, I shortened it to 3. I don't think rolling a gutter ball is bad etiquette, it simply means you are a crappy bowler.)

The problem the Llama Chasers ran into Friday night was rule number 3. Every bowler should know or learn very quickly you wait until the person next to you bowls, it really isn't that hard to figure out. Well, on this night you would of thought we had to bowl at the same time as the people next to us because it seemed like everytime one of us bowled there would be someone rolling right along with us. Kevin and Ryan actually weren't bothered too much, Brandon was kind of rage filled as it kept happening, and Brick, who has always said he isn't bothered by it, turns out was bothered by it but only on 1 ball. Of course it happened to be the ball that put him in the skirt. That is right Llama Chaser Nation, the Llama King did the unthinkable, he bowled so bad he ended up in the skirt. You are probably wondering how awful he bowled? An embarassing 205. Our best bowler couldn't even get within 5% of his 218 average. We were at the dreaded 5% number because of our losing streak. We decided to wait until the following Monday for Brick to wear the skirt.

Other than Brick's laughable 205 we bowled excellent as a team on the night. Kevin came out of the gate with a remarkable 256 which included 2 llamas. He slowed a little in game 2 with a 170 and then dropped in a 146 in game 3. An impressively bad 572 series considering he had almost half of that in 1 game. Brandon had a stellar night with a 212, 223, 189 - 624 series. He also added 2 more llamas to his stats. Ryan bowled a 213, 172, 243 - 628 series. The 243 game included an Ultra Llama, 7 strikes in a row. Brick again continued his dominance on the Freeway Lanes. Other than the amateurish 205, he followed up with a 245, 209 - 659 series. He added another 3 llamas to his total and is on pace to destroy the record for total llamas in a season.

So all in all it was a great night on the lanes, we ended up winning all 7 and we get to see Brick, and his prefectly toned ass, in a skirt next week.

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