Monday, April 12, 2010

2009-10 Week 32

The Final Regular Season Game and a Super Fun Story

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The regular season officially ended this week and the Llama Chasers locked up last place in both the first half and second half. But tonight was not about bowling it was about a moron named Ryan. This chapter of the recaps could be titled "A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed!" or "The Perfect Storm" or "Dumb and Dumber".
 Let me explain each and how they all relate to tonight. The story starts well after bowling was over and we were heading home for the night. We will start with a "Friend in Need..." side of the story. Ryan was all set to leave, stood up, grabbed his bowling ball and reached into his pocket for his car keys. Initial panic sets in as they are not in his pocket or on the table. Next he looks at the 2 most likely jokesters on the team, Brick and Tom, and says something along the lines of "Where are my keys?” This brought a smile to their faces. At this point Ryan was certain they had hidden them, was getting angry, and said something like, "O.K. Funny, now where are my F'ing keys." Tom and Brick continued laughing but swore they did not take them. It was at this point Ryan walked to his car thinking "Oh, sh!t" I hope I didn't leave them in the car. Ryan looked through the window of his locked car and his coat and clothes were in the back seat and what he feared most that the keys were likely under them. The Llama Chaser team did a quick look through the bowling alley and Tom and Ryan searched his bowling bag and found nothing. At this point Tom was gracious enough to offer Ryan a ride home and Ryan planned on getting his car in the morning. But Ryan's "Friend in need" insisted on bringing him back to the car so he wouldn't be troubled in the morning. Tom even went as far as comforting Ryan along the way with stories of him forgetting or losing keys in the past. So instead of ridiculing Ryan on the dumb*ss he was (like Ryan would have done to him) he went the extra mile to make him not feel so bad. That is a "Friend Indeed!!” Now "The Perfect Storm." After realizing no one took the keys and getting to his car Ryan was certain what had happened. He was at the Indians game earlier and changed clothes in the bowling parking lot right before bowling. Throwing his Tribe gear in the backseat and grabbing his bowling shirt and putting it on. Normally Ryan locks his car with his key once he exits the car. So there is no way he would like his key in the car under the usual circumstances. Well the "perfect storm" happened on this night where Ryan got out of the car and opened the back door. It makes sense that as he was changing he might set the keys on the back seat. Not wanting to keep his breasts exposed too long to everyone in the parking lot he hurriedly took off his Indians shirt and threw on his Llama Chasers jersey and closed the door with the keys under the Tribe shirt. That is when the story turns into "Dumber and Dumber". Keep in mind I am not implying their are two morons here just one really big moron. So Tom and Ryan get back to the parking lot with the extra set of keys. Ryan unlocks the car, lifts up the coat and Tribe shirt and there are the keys, right? Uh not so much. So I open the trunk and sure enough there they are, right? Uh not so much. So I open my bowling bag that I mentioned I searched earlier (even removing most of the items) and sure enough they are in my bag under the balling ball. I had them the entire time. But I am sure you can all see how the "Perfect Storm" made it plausible that the keys were in my car and that is the reason I didn't search my bag more thorough the first time. If nothing else it made a good recap story and made Ryan look like a jack*ss. So I would like to apologize to Tom for my accusations and for making him drive me home and back. I just wish he would have stayed in the car when he dropped me off and I would have just told everyone I did find the keys in the backseat. I also sort of apologize to Brick for the accusations but it is something he would likely do so I don't feel too bad for originally blaming him. And thank you to all 4 of you d'bags for helping me look for my keys, it would have been nice if you could have just looked in my bag where it should have been obvious they were. As for our actual performance on the lanes it was pretty similar to the last few weeks. Tom and Kevin were under average each game. Ryan bowled his 16th Llama on the season and finished just below his series average. Brick was just under series average with a 598, his first series under 600 in a long time. Rob bowled over average all 3 games even with a 50 through the first 6 frames of game 1. We bowled the "blind" and lost the last game of the season which sums up our year. Next week I will give you a quick season recap which will be followed by the year in review over the next several weeks. As always please check out and sign the guest book, seriously take 2 seconds and sign the f'ing guest book.

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