Monday, October 5, 2009

2009-10 Week 6

I was in Disney World this night but I did text into the team to see how things were going and found out they went a stellar 7-0. Andy filled in and did well with a 189,189, and I wish I could say 189 but it was a 177. All the others bowled pretty solid with Nate bowling a noteworthy 624. More importantly I spent the day first at the Animal Kingdom, we had a lot of fun riding a few rides and catching a few shows although it was record setting hot. I won Collin a basketball bear by swishing a shot on a basketball game. Later that day we went to Downtown Disney for lunch and some shopping. Collin had fun at Pooh's Corner and we bought him a Toy Story action figure set which included Buzz, Woody, and Zurg. We ended the night watching Grandpa's favorite team, the Viking, beat Green Bay on MNF in our hotel room. It appears the bowling team doesn't need me so maybe I'll stay in Florida.

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