Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Week 2 - The Grind

Llama Chaser Nation "The Grind" has officially begun. Coming off the high of another exciting bowling season starting last week. week 2 starts the long road ahead to a bowling season that will finish in late April 2011. "The Grind" is also the noise we heard in the 3rd frame of the first game this past week. That was the sound of Tom's ball getting stuck somewhere in the ball return contraption behind the pins. It's the type of sound that is horrible to the person whose ball is stuck but sort of brings a smile to my face wondering what shape Tom's ball might come back in. After about a 10 minute delay, his ball returned with a solid divot taken out of it. Reminded me of golfing with Brick, when he takes a long iron out and hits about 6 inches behind the golf ball...he takes a nice one to two inch divot and the divot flies farther than the ball. Tom, with no other ball, had to continue using his damaged ball and at first was flustered and I think scared that the ball may come back in two pieces. He struggled to a 170 the first game but then righted the ship and went 201, 236 for a solid 591 series. Kevin coming off a brilliant first week struggled a little in week 2. It appears the gulit of leaving his wife at home on her birthday was eating away at him and caused him to lose focus on the lanes with a 156,182,162 - 500 series. He made up for abandoning his wife with a very solid team serenade of Happy Birthday over the phone. The new guy Brandon seemed poised to win over the hearts of his fellow Llama Chasers...rumors were flying about a new deck of cards he purchased for the team and word of him having a flying turkey of some sort(I think it was a toy but I even heard it might be a real turkey that flies). But with the excitement boiling over he forgot the cards and the turkey at home. Clearly perplexed by his blunder he bowled a 140, 164, 189 - 493 series. Brick's 1st and 3rd game were exactly what we expect a 238 and 214. The second game was however his worst in a year or two with a 148, which starting week 4 would qualify him for the skirt. He still finished with a 600 series. Ryan had a very boring week, nothing good nothing too bad 176, 178, 165 - 519 series. All in all not a good night for the team going 2-5 and running the season record to 7-7. Hope everyone had a nice Labor Day weekend and we will see you back on the lanes Monday!!

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