Monday, January 9, 2012

Week 18 - 2012 The Official Year of the Llama

Last season I let you know that I wasn't here to start any drama, but that is was the year of the Llama. Well as much as I hate to admit it I was wrong. 2010 wasn't the year nor was 2011 but I can say without hesitation that 2012 is the YEAR OF THE LLAMA!

As we all know the 1st half was rough, Brick and Tom bowled great, Brandon, Ryan, and Kevin bowled average and we lost a lot more than we won. The challenge going into the second half is that Brick and Tom's averages are at career highs so they are going to need a little help from their friends if we want to win the second half title.

We set a goal of going 112-0 in the second half which was as simple as winning 3 games a week for 16 weeks. Well that didn't last to long, we lost the first game. But 110-2 would still give us the second half crown.

Game 1 Tom showed up with a spectacular clean game 236 which included the 1st Llama of the second half. Brandon also dropped in a dead on average 184. Ryan, Kevin and Brick all bowled under average and the perfect second half was out the window.

Game 2 Ryan opened in the 1st frame and then went bitchcakes! 9 spare, strike, 9 spare, then a Double Llama!! This all added up to a stellar 248. Tom continued on his strong night with a 213. The other 3 were in the ballpark of average and we had a win under our belt.

Game 3 Ryan pretty much said "Get on my back b!tches" and rolled a clean game 236 which included a Super Llama. Kevin did help too with a nice 199 and Brandon also came in at dead on average 184 again. Brick just avoided the skirt in game 3 with a 175.

So on the night we went 5-2, Ryan had 3 llamas on the night. Assuming I keep this pace up I will pass Brick for the Llama lead in about week 12 of the second half. Right now he is up 35-12 so this will be a comeback you can tell your grandchildren about.

Happy New Year!! Enjoy the Year of the Llama!!!!!!!!!!!!

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