Monday, January 30, 2012

Week 22 - Positive Mental Attitude

Llama Chaser Nation I could sit here and tell you about all the things that are going wrong. Like losing another 7 or how someone is addicted to the skirt or how someone is no longer going to be told what to do or how someone shows up late every other week or how someone runs to his car the second bowling is over or how someone bowls like crap the first 2 games each week but I would rather focus on P.M.A.

Positive Mental Attitude is what the Llama Chasers need after losing 7 for the second week in a row so lets put our focus there.

First let me tell you about the week that was. The first game Brandon bowled well and so did Kevin. Brandon rolled a nice 203 with a Llama and Kevin, showed up late, but still bowled a solid 202. Tom had only 1 open frame but that cost him getting average and he had to settle for a 198. Ryan had some split issues and trouble picking up easy spares and finished with 160. Brick picked up a brand new ball this week, which I will tell you about below, and he struggled. In the 10th frame he needed 2 strikes to avoid the skirt but he opened and finished with a 158. So for game 2 we had a beautiful little princess.

This is where the trouble really started. Brick came back from our locker with a skirt on but no pink socks. In a moment of apparent temporary blindness he said he didn't see them, I asked if he looked for them and he scolded me like a little child and said essentially "I said I didn't see them what about that don't you understand." So I did what any good friend would do when your friend goes blind and I went into the locker and got them. The naked men cards were also with us this week which was nice. When you are going through tough times it is always nice to have some naked men to look at. Since we lost game 1 it meant the men stayed with is for game 2. Apparently Brandon felt he didn't need their help and said he was no longer playing cards. So with one guy in a skirt and one guy not playing naked men games we were a team in disarray. Game 2 was another loss even with Tom, Kevin, and Brandon bowling well. Tom has a 204 with a Llama, Kevin had a 212, and Brandon had 236 with 3 ever-illusive Llamas errr Turkeys. Ryan was a little under average with a 178 and Brick again needed some 10th frame magic to avoid the skirt but didn't get it, his 168 put her/him in the skirt again.

Game 3 was another loss with only Kevin and Ryan over average. Kevin bowled a 215 including an Ultra Llama and had a very solid 629 series. Ryan had a 224 with a Llama. Brick's struggles continued and he closed the night with a 162 and will be in the skirt again this Monday.

Enough about that garbage let's talk about the POSITIVES...
-We are 19-16, 3 games above .500
-Brandon has his average up to 187
-Kevin has his average up to 182
-Tom's newest daughter will be 5 in almost 5 years, so he may stay after bowling in 2017
-Ryan no longer throws a straight ball at anything including the 10 pin
-Brick is a sexy beast in the skirt
-The naked men cards are still with us this week and will be with us until we win
-Brick's average with his new ball is 162, no where to go but up

Speaking of Brick's new ball it is a beauty. We all know Brick is having an amazing season and one might wonder why change balls, well look at his beauty...

The stupendous Big Brick and "Lil" BRICK, a marriage made in heaven. So again you ask why would he get a new ball? When a ball is named after you you simply have no choice.

If you like naked men, men in skirts, and chasing Llamas come see us as we break out of our slump and start our winning streak...P.M.A!

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