Monday, August 25, 2008

Week 1 2008-2009

Opening Day for the Llama Chasers started
with a bang! Kevin Patterson decided already to not win the "Perfect
Attendance Award" and once again chose work over bowling. But lets
move on to the Llama's that were there. We started the year bowling the
blind, we shot out of the gate in the first game. We all bowled over average
and it looked like we were ready for a championship run until game 2 of
course. Bryan led the way with a stellar 90, yeah that's right a 90, I'm
not kidding it was a 90. Ryan, Tom, and Brick also missed average so we
lost game 2. In game 3 Ryan posted a team high 212 and we won to go a somewhat
disappointing 5-2. Bryan "forgot" to wear the skirt in game 3
after bowling 90 and we somehow all missed it so we will have to wait til
nest week to see those pretty legs. I think the 90 Bryan bowled is the
2nd worst score in Llama Chasers history trailing only the 87 by Brick's
brother, Ace.

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