Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Week 2 2008-2009

First the good news, Kevin Patterson made his season debut, Ryan was above average all 3 games, and Brick had a nice series. Now that bad news and there is lots of it. Bryan's struggles continued in week 2, in the second game he wore the first Llama Chaser skirt of the season and he was very generous to the kitty. We were solidly beaten in game 1, game 2 Brick was on a roll throwing the first Super Llama of the season. Tom struggled to a 136 but the Llama Chasers had a chance...all we needed was Mr. Clutch Brick to pick up the 10 pin in the 10th. He missed it, we lose. Game 3 we were again solidly beaten. Some side notes: Brick decided not to drink this week. Want to take a guess why? Because he said he woke up last week with his "first headache ever from drinking" and he doesn't want that to happen again. Folks, I can't make this stuff up. Also, Tom didn't wear the skirt after bowling under 25% of his average. Want to guess why? Because Brick and Tom made up a dumb rule several years ago that says we don't wear the skirt the first 3 weeks because we don't really have an average. Huh? They made this rule up because they are p*ssies!! Douchebags we do have an average. That's how we win or lose each of the first 3 weeks. If you can't bowl within 25% of your average from last year you are screwing the team. That is the very reason we made the rule up. Stop hiding behind these dumb @ss rules and maybe we can win a game or two. Love Always, Ryan. 
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