Monday, February 15, 2010

2009-10 Week 24

Liberace, Lance Bass, Neil Patrick Harris, Boy George, Llama Chaser Tom...I'm guessing I need not tell you what each of these men has in common. Llama Chaser Tom, really you ask?? Yes, its official and I have proof which should be on the web site soon. For now I will tell you. Have you ever seen the wrist gadget some bowlers wear? Yep, Tom went there. After bowling 142 first game and just missing the skirt he had had enough. Revealing that he had his red wrist gadget in his bag for the last couple of weeks but was afraid of the reaction he would receive from the rest of the Llama's if he used it, he decided enough was enough a pulled it out. Of course he got the reaction he had expected. Let's just say Tom was called a few choice words and manly was not one of them. Tom stepped up to the line and delivered a first ball strike, maybe this wrist thing works. 3 opens later the experiment was over but we will never let him forget the night he joined Liberace and crew. After removing the wrist gadget Tom bowled much better and finished game 2 with a 197 and a llama. On the night he ended with a disappointing 501 series but gave us a great story. On the flip side Ryan, who as we all know had struggled the last few weeks, decided to (at the urging of Brick) to use Brick's 16 pound red ball. Ryan has often been laughed at over the years for using a 14 pound ball and yet being one of the bigger guys in the league. Well laugh no more Llama Chaser Nation. With the 16 pound ball Ryan came out smoking with a llama to close out the first game with a 215 and then the first 5 strikes (Super Llama) in the second game or as I like to call it an unofficial Dali Llama (unofficial because the 9 strikes in a row were not in the same game) and ended with a 225 game 2. Game 3 the strike ball wasn't working as good but Ryan finished with a 190 for a 643 series which included only 2 open frames all night. More good news, Kevin continued his strong second half with a stellar 225 first game and 203 third game and had a 597 series raising his average to 183. He also had 2 llamas on the night and ran his season total to 11. Brick had one of his worst weeks of the season which included just escaping the skirt with a 157 in game 1. But in a nice tribute to a former Llama Chaser, Brick bowled an amazing 214 second game to honor Brian P. and his Valentine's Day birthday 2/14. On behalf of Llama Chaser nation I would like to say a very loud MMMBBBAAAHHHH to Brian. So Ryan and Kevin bowled well, Brick and Tom not so well, the other team pretty darn well so it all added up to 2-5 on the night. Side notes: Rob racked up his second unexcused absence, something about having to watch his kids. 5 year olds are pretty independent and I'm quite certain could watch themselves for a few hours. Also, the race for the second worst bowler on the team has heated up. Ryan had a solid lock on it for the last month but that all changed tonight. Tom and Ryan are now even at 185 averages and the, as I referred to him a few weeks ago, "by far worst bowler on the team" is trying to get in the mix with his 183 average. Stay tuned to see how this plays out. As always please visit and sign the guest book so I know I am not just writing this for the 4 bowlers on my team to read.

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