Monday, February 22, 2010

2009-10 Week 25

As Yogi Berra once said "It's déjà vu all over again." The 2nd half nightmare continues...we lost the 1st game by 35 pins, the 2nd game by 29 pins and the 3rd by 51 pins. Another 0-7 week brings us to 15 and 48 in the 2nd half and easily puts us in last place out of 15 teams. The worst part is there isn't much to write about, nobody bowled that great and nobody bowled embarrassingly low. Sure Tom bowled 60 pins under his average series but you expect that from a man who once wore a wrist protector. Sure Rob bowled 60 pins OVER his average series but seriously how hard is it to bowl 60 pins over a 363 series average; heck Brick bowled 438 in his last 2 games. Sure Ryan recaptured the "2nd best bowler on the team" moniker but wouldn't you expect as much from a stud like him. Sure Brick continued to bowl well with a 618 series but we've come to need more than 12 pins over his average series, heck even Rob bowled 60 pins over his. Sure Kevin bowled the second best series on the night but we all know he is the second worst bowler on the team; at least until Tom takes over that title. Sure the Llama Chasers sucked at bowling tonight but we were excellent at Keno and instant lottery tickets. With $34 left from Keno the week before Ryan decided to buy a $5 instant ticket and leave the rest for Keno. Immediately after buying the ticket Kevin questioned my decision, wondering why I would buy a "Deal or No Deal" instant. Apparently Kevin doesn't realize the odds are about the same on all of them. A few minutes and $50 later Kevin learned he better recognize fool. Shortly thereafter we turned $40 in $50 in Keno. Ryan cost the team $800 when his number was the only number of the five we picked that didn't hit. On a positive note it is still not as bad as the $1200 Tom cost us a few weeks ago. We will end with another quote from Yogi Berra which sums up the Llama Chaser season "The future ain't what it used to be." As always please sign the guest book at and tell your friends as well. 

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