Monday, March 1, 2010

2009-10 Week 26

Very interesting how this week played out for the Llama Chasers and it also included a very exciting night for Tom. The interesting thing is we all bowled very similar to the way we have all bowled in the second half. Brick continued his great season and once again bowled over his average series with a 628 including a 211 game 2 and 221 game 3. Rob continued to raise his average which now stands at 128. Rob bowled 24 pins over average one game and 35 pins over in another. Tom and Ryan continued there second half struggles with neither doing exceptionally bad but not hitting average. Kevin continued to not give a sh*t about the team choosing work over his bowling friends again. But for this night it all worked. The Llama Chasers actually won all 3 games and ran our win total from 15 to 22. It's the first time in team history I can remember that we bowled average or worse as a team and the opponent actually bowled worse. The amazing thing is that was not the highlight of the night...Tom was nice enough to provide that. From time to time on these reviews I mention the Llama Chaser Kitty. As we all know we add quarters to the kitty for a number of bowling mishaps. If you miss a single pin spare, quarter; miss the head pin, quarter; everyone on the team marks in a frame but you, quarter; bowl on the wrong lane, dollar, etc. For those of you that have watched the Llama Chasers in person you know we play poker each game. You start with 2 cards and for each strike or spare you get a card. We each throw in a $1 and the winner gets a few bucks. To spice things up a few weeks back we decided the 3rd game each night we would not look at our cards, when the game is over we call turn our cards and see who won. But if you look at your card when you take it you owe a quarter for the first and it double every time. So the 2nd card you look at will cost you fifty cents, 3rd a dollar, 4th 2 dollars, etc. I think the most any one has paid into it is like $1.75 which means they looked at 3 cards. Tonight Tom made a record that you can put with Carvers unbreakable 84 record. Distracted with his cousin stopping by to watch and talk to Tom, my man just kept looking. Of course Rob, Brick, and Ryan kept quiet just counting the money he was going to owe in their heads and chuckling like little school girls every time Tom walked away from the table. In the 8th frame we decided to let him in on the joke. I purposely mentioned how I almost looked at one of my cards, shortly thereafter Tom said "Sh&t I have been looking at mine all along." Then we informed him he reached the $32 level. Meaning add .25, .50, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 for a total of $63.75. Being the kind souls that we are we cut a deal for Tom and made him pay only about half of that. It was truly enjoyable. Tom summed it up beautifully in an e-mail he wrote to me the next day "I'm such a dumb ass." I wouldn't argue with that!!! Making it even better is Kevin must match 25% of the kitty on the night which ended up at about $45 which equates to a $12 fine for not showing up. As always check out and join the guestbook.

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