Monday, March 8, 2010

2009-10 Week 27

"Hey, did you happen to see the most beautiful girl in the world?" That's right Llama Chaser Nation we had a lucky llama in the skirt tonight. To make a long story short Kevin needed to get within 20% of his 183 average to avoid the skirt and with an open in the 9th was only able to finish with a 143. The funny part is I spoke to Kevin's mother a few hours before bowling and she hoped he would have to wear it tonight. So Kevin may have let the team down but at least he didn't let his mother down. Rob also struggled the first game and once again looked like he could break Carver's 84 record. With a total of 34 through 5 frames, including a 1 in the 3rd frame, he was on pace for a 68 but then Rob decided to go back to the straight ball and caught fire finishing with a 120. Brick and Ryan bowled well with a 238 and 217 respectively; Tom also hit a touch over average 185. It all added up to a loss. The next game saw Ryan 212, Brick 204, and Tom 205 lead the way to a victory. In the third game Tom bowled a very solid 225 and everyone else was over average except Ryan who was 9 pins below and we still lost. We bowled much better as a team this week vs. last week but went 2-5 vs. 7-0. As Brick often says you can't play defense in bowling. Ryan and Tom both had 600 series for the first time in a while. I'm not sure why I bowled so well but I know why Tom did. As we all know Tom grew up with his favorite toy being his Care Bears. I know what you are thinking most boys grow up liking army men or race cars or a football well not our buddy Tom. While most teenage boys were up at the ball field Tom was inside playing house with Cheer Bear, Bedtime Bear, and Love-a-lot bear. So in honor of that and to help pick up Tom's bowling game I presented him with a miniature Wish Bear hoping all of his bowling wishes would come true and it looks like they did!! Last but certainly not least I would like to thank our first official Llama Chaser Groupie. We knew as the Llama Chaser Nation started grow that the ladies would begin throwing themselves at us and start showering us with gifts. I must mention I am very happily married but was flattered nonetheless when we received our gift of Llama Chasers Luggage/Bowling Ball tags. This gift was from one of the Llama's founding father's Brian’s (who lives in Chicago) girlfriend Abby's mother who lives in Colorado. The Llama Chasers are going to steal a line from Fountains of Wayne and sing "Abby's Mom has got it going on...I know it might be wrong but we're in love with Abby's Mom." As always please check out and sign the guest book.

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