Monday, February 8, 2010

2009-10 Week 23

BREAKING NEWS...The Llama Chasers finally had a week with a winning record!!! The first game we all bowled well and we were all over average or just below. Ryan started with 2 open frames but dropped in 2 turkeys and finished with a 212. Rob, back from his unexcused absence, bowled a solid 27 pin over average 142. The good news is he is starting to look like a bowler with potential. The bad news is he keeps complaining about an upper thigh injury he says he gets when bowling and even hinted he may quit because of it. That's not gay. Rob may quit bowling because the bowling motion causes him pain? Well if the bowling motion causes him pain I guess jogging to maybe get in better shape is out of the question. Anyhow we won the first game. The second game saw Brick continue his excellent season and sizzling hot last few weeks. He bowled a 247 which included 2 llamas and ran his season total to 27 llamas. Everyone besides Ryan (168) bowled well again in game 2...Tom 200, Kevin, 191, and Rob 139. With a 3 game sweep clearly in our grasp we simply blew it or I should say Ryan, Tom, and Rob all let the team down by opening in the 10th. If any of us had marked we would have likely won. Kevin bowled a sensational 248 which included a llama and tied his high series of the year with a 640. Brick bowled a solid 225 to finish with a 670 series. Rob amazingly fought through the vicious leg pain and bowled another game over average to finish with his high series on the year of 417 and bumped his average 6 pins to a 121. Ironically we bowled our best score as a team in the 3rd game but lost. So on the night we won 2 games and took total pins to boost our record to 13-36. At least the comparisons to the NBA's New Jersey Nets can now be silenced. In other positive news we posted a profit in Keno for maybe the 5th time ever. We turned $30 into $60. Had Tom picked a better number would have won $1200. For those of you following Brick's anger management issues he came in this week with a much better attitude and denied that he told Tom and I to ..."get f'ing average." With a winning week we were able to look past his memory lapse and put it all behind us. As always please go to and sign the guest book (Doug this includes you). We are hoping to get over 1,000 signatures in the next few months; we are making strides with 21 people signed in but still have a little ways to go.

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