Monday, February 1, 2010

2009-10 Week 22

The 2nd half nightmare continues. A classic match-up of first place vs. last place. Ryan started the night in the skirt and it would not be the only skirt of the night. 4 bowlers in attendance tonight, Rob made up some excuse not to show. With his average at 115 I'm quite certain the stress to reach average was too much so he decided to stay home. The first game was business as usual...Brick bowled a very strong 250 which included the first 6 strikes, but the rest of the team bowled awful. Tom and Ryan both barely escaped the skirt with a 154 and 153, Kevin was not so lucky. With a Rob-like 116 Kevin had the honor of wearing his 2nd skirt of the season. Also in the first game we had a 299 bowled against us. The second game was no better. Brick came down a little bit with a dead on average 201 and the 3 others all bowled slightly better but not nearly enough. After 2 games we were down by 398 pins!!! Game 3 got a little crazy. Brick again was solid and hit 201 again. Tom really stepped his game up. After throwing his 1st ball in the gutter and getting a 5 in the 1st frame, he rattled off Double Llama 8 strikes in a row and finished with a 253. So Tom is over average, Brick hit average on the nose, and Kevin hit his average 181 exactly as well. All this adds up to trouble for Ryan. With 3 losses last week and 2 this week our team skirt average was now at 10%. Meaning I need to get 167 or higher. Entering the 10th frame I basically needed to pick up 9 pins. Luckily I picked up 7 and then 2 so I avoided the skirt BUT then we were in danger of losing by less than the 18 pins I missed my average by which is the other skirt rule we all now about. It all came down to our opponent’s last bowler; he needed to go strike, strike, 9 for the win. It may seem like I was safe but this bowler had a 299 game 1 and a 235 game 2, to go along with his 226 average so I was in trouble. STRIKE, STRIKE, (UH OH!!!!!) EIGHT!!!! We tied!!! I avoided the skirt twice, each time by 1 pin!!! It doesn't get any better than that and we get one point. I was happy, Kevin and Tom were amused, and Brick was angry. The Llama Chasers which once started as a fun bowling adventure has turned into a very dark place for Brick. At one point in the night he shouted "If you guys could get F$%^&*^% average..." And as we were finally lucky enough to salvage 1 point he was even angrier. A bowler from another team came over and asked if we were heading into the bar. Well of course Tom, Kevin and I were heading in...We always enjoy the extra camaraderie, a little keno, popcorn, etc. Brick snapped off "I'm not going to the bar and those 3 shouldn't be either. It's a reward to go to the bar and we haven't earned it." To which the bowler who asked the question to Brick replied, "Dude going to the bar is not a reward, getting laid is." All I can hope is that whatever crawled up Brick's a$$ this past week is gone by Monday. The Llama Chasers have never been about bowling trophies it's about having fun with your friends while bowling. Would winning a championship be fun, sure. I mean we would all get laid like crazy but it’s not all about that. So Brick take a deep breath and enjoy it. If you think I am trying to bowl below average every game and wear the skirt each week, I'm not. I do feel very cute in the skirt but I would prefer not to wear it while bowling. Don't hate the playa, hate the game!!!(Man if that doesn't say it all) So our 8-34 record is causing lock room tension stay tuned to see how this all plays out. As always don't forget to check in at and sign the guest book.

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