Monday, January 25, 2010

2009-10 Week 21

With Tom and Geppetto off on a rendezvous in the Caribbean, the 4 err 3 Llama Chasers in attendance tried to stop the bleeding from the last few weeks but it didn't go well. The reason we were 3 Llama Chasers for the first game was Kevin left work late but hoped to make it in time...unfortunately the cop that pulled him over for going 91 in a 60 didn't have the same idea. But with the truth(Kevin told the cop he was speeding cause he was late for bowling), an FOP card, and potentially a sexual favor the cop let him go with just a warning. But he still missed the first game and Rob and Ryan pretty much didn't show up either. Rob, with his manly 112 average, teased the 84 record game again but finished with a 108. Ryan began the night with a strike but it was all down hill from there, unable to put any strikes together he finished the 1st game with a below average 168. Then the fun really started...split, strike, split, open, split...then 2 more opens to finish with a well below skirt average 133. So Ryan for the 3rd time on the year and 2nd time in the last 2 weeks was "pretty in pink". And to the enjoyment of the rest of the team Ryan got hit with a rule that has come into play I believe only once before (possibly never before) which is Ryan must wear the skirt for 2 games. The first one is because he bowled under his "skirt average". The second one is because the other Llama Chasers all bowled over average and we lost the game by what Ryan missed his average by. I will take my penalty like a man but I know deep down inside that had Brick fallen under this rule he would have cried like a little girl saying you shouldn't be penalized twice...I'm just sayin'. The worst part is we lost by only 2 pins and Kevin and Rob both opened in the 10th, Rob was nice enough to pick up a six pins total in the 10th. Ryan's struggles continued in the last game as he bowled a 154 and finished with his worst series in 2 years, a 455. Kevin and Brick also bowled badly in the 3rd game and we lost all 3 games. Some highlights: Brick continued his hot streak with a 223 first game and 257 second game which gave him 6 straight games over average that came to an end with a 180 in the third game. Brick also had 2 Llamas on the night. Bob (as his name was written on the score sheet) err Rob shot a 26 pin over average 138 in the 3rd game and raised his average to 115. Don't forget to check out and sign the guest book.

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