Monday, January 18, 2010

2009-10 Week 20

Another interesting week on the lanes as we continue to struggle to find our groove. Tom picked up were he left off last week and bowled a 164 which included a field goal(when you leave a split and the 2nd ball goes between the pins that were left) and a very nice and very rare 4,6,7 split pick-up. The field goal (which includes a 75 cents fine in the kitty) was only the 2nd FG on the year and both were by Tom until Ryan treated the team to one in game 2. What had only happened once in the first 20 weeks of bowling happened twice tonight. Now on to Boy Wonder, Rob. As I mentioned last week he struggled, this week was fun too. Coming in with an average an 8 year old would blush at, 103, it seemed he was destined to lower it and put Bryan's unbreakable record of 84 in serious jeopardy. In game one he had a 65 in the 8th frame but somehow spared in the 9th and ended with a nice 90. In the second game he had a 64 in the 8th, and 72 in the 9th, but closed his eyes and got 2 strikes in the 10th to finish with a stellar 97. Rob wasn't the only one who struggled in Game 2. With the skirt rule now down to 15% after losing all 7 games last week and the first game this week bowlers had to bowl with in 15% of their average. After missing a very easy spare in the 10th frame Ryan finished with a 155 which was 4 pins under his "skirt average". So for the 6th time on the year and 2nd time for Ryan pants were dropped and the pink skirt was put on. And damn did I look good. Tom should have pictures up in the coming weeks. Feeling more like myself with the skirt on I was now able to concentrate on bowling, I bowled a Llama, and rolled a 217 in the third game. That 217 coupled with Rob finally convincing us he was not handicapped and bowling a 177 gave us a 7 pin victory in game 3. Some other side notes: Brick continued his stellar campaign bowling over average all 3 games...201, 203, and 212. He had 2 Llamas on the night and wanted me to mention how he continually got fudged (he used a different word) on 7/10 pins. Brick also was Rob's personal ball cleaner on the night and let’s just say it’s not the first time he's had that job, just the first time at bowling. Last but not least Kevin again decided working was more important than the Llama Chasers which is down right silly. Teasing us with he will just be late and then not showing up at all. Hopefully this does not continue. If it does we will be accepting applications on in the near future. So another bad bowling week as we went 2-5...hopefully we can turn this around in the near future. FYI Geppetto and Tom are leaving Friday for a Caribbean cruise be sure to check the web site for pictures in the near future.

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