Monday, January 11, 2010

2009-10 Week 19

Where to begin...we lost all 3 games. But it still might have been the best bowling night of the season. The Llama Chaser might have found a 5th bowler which we have not had all year. Carrying his rented bowling shoes and 8 pound bowling bowl we were excited to have Rob bowl with us. He mentioned he had bowled in the past and had an idea of what he was doing on the lanes, well then I would hate to see what would have happened had he never bowled, but I'll get back to this. As I mentioned we lost all 3 games, one reason is the other team went off, the other reason is Tom. Tom needed a 142 in the 1st game to avoid wearing the skirt but was only able to muster up a 140 which brought a smile to all of our faces as he dropped his pants and put on the pink skirt. The fun had just begun as Tom's struggles continued in game 2 as he bowled his lowest game of the last 2 season at 124. Thanks to Tom the Kitty had a season high $23 put in to it which included around $10 from Tom in game 2 and the best part was the $5 10th frame, it made me down right giddy!! Tom went from the only one on the team to not wearing the skirt this season to the team lead in skirts worn in 2 games; you had to be was special. Tom did bowl a 195 last game to check in with a stellar 459 series which allowed him to reclaim his rightful spot as the "second worst bowler on the team" with his 186 average vs. Ryan 187 average. Now back to Rob. Since he hasn't bowled in a few years and didn't have an average he was just a pacer tonight which means he was bowling to obtain an average and had no effect on the outcome of the game. That might have been the only reason he was not laughed at. It started out fine with a 119, then a little drop to 106, not good but maybe understandable (if you are blind or have no arms) but the last game he almost did the unthinkable. Flash back to March 29th, 2009 week 27 of bowling when the most memorable game ever happened...Bryan bowled a record low of 84(I urge you to go back and read that recap). Well Rob almost made me look stupid but somehow managed to bowl an 85. Nice work Rob!! A few highlights...Ryan started the 1st game with 5 strikes and ended with a 212, Kevin had a solid 562 series on the night and Brick finished strong with a 211 game. So not a good game for our record but getting the chance to see Tom in the skirt for 2 games and Rob bowl like a 10 year old girl made it all worth it. Don't forget to check out to see stats, recaps, pictures of llamas, and more!

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