Monday, January 4, 2010

2009-10 Week 18

Happy New Year Llama Chaser Nation!!! My New Year's resolution is to put out timely recaps unfortunately I can not say the same for Tom and the stats. This week started much like the last few weeks have with a loss. Both teams came storming out of the gates, we only had one open as a team through the first 5 frames and were down 70 pins. Having only 4 bowlers on a 5 man team is starting to take its toll. Kevin and Tom bowled a "friends stay together" 178 and Ryan bowled a clean game 211 but as I mentioned it wasn't enough. Game 2 wasn't any better, a little closer but yet another loss. Kevin bowled a nice 217 and Brick and Tom were both over average. Ryan flirted with the skirt but finished with a 156. The third game we finally got a W. Tom bowled a 211 which included a donkey and llama which is always fun. Speaking of fun, Kevin taught his fellow llamas a new term, the "mini-van", as in 2 in the front and five in the back which is just a little more difficult and exciting than the shocker. So on the night we went 2-5 and moved to 5-9 on the 2nd half of the season.

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