Monday, December 14, 2009

2009-10 Weeks 11-17

First I want to wish Llama Chaser Nation a Happy New Year!!! Next I want to apologize for Tom taking a 2 month lay off on updating stats which makes it very difficult to write recaps. Rather than due an in depth recap for each week that was missed, which is now impossible, I will offer you the highlights from weeks 11-17 in one nice recap. If Tom lets us down again with stats I will take over that roll as well.   Week 11

is about when we started our first half slide; Ryan just barely escaped the skirt with a 149 and lowered his season average from 192 to 190. Brick had a solid series of 637, and Andy showed up for what would be his last appearance of the Llama's first half.

Week 12

another lovely lady made an appearance...after bowling a 136 our 3rd Llama Chaser of the season to wear the new skirt was Ryan. The best part about it is the waitress, Jessica, was nice enough to parade Ryan up and down the alley showing off the pink polka dot skirt to all the amused bowlers. We went 2-5 and any thought of contention in the first half went out the window.

Week 13

saw Tom go on vacation and brought back one of the Llama Chaser's favorite members and one of the founding fathers Brian. As we all know the Llama's traded Brian to a bowling league in Chicago a few years back. In return for Brian we received a quarter for the kitty and a used deck of cards...I can say I still think we ended up with the better end of the deal. The good news is move to Chicago has not changed Brian's bowling as he hit right around average each game. This night was also significant because we did shots of Irish Root Beers in the bar after bowling. An Irish Root Beer is a shot of something dropped into Guinness. There are some conflicting reports but from this unbiased observer Ryan smoked the competition and downed his first. Kevin was the odds on favorite but embarrassingly spilled half of his all over the table and showed why you should leave the drinking to the professionals. Also this week was significant because without even being in attendance Tom dropped Ryan to the "second worst bowler" on the team after Ryan dropped from 189 to 187.

Week 14

Tom returned fresh from an all day car ride from South Carolina which won Ryan $50 from Brick. Brick made the bet with Ryan saying "I'll bet you $50 that p*ssy-whipped mother f*cker doesn't come to bowling, his wife won't let him." Actually I am struggling for material for this week and just made that up. We didn't know it at the time but this is the week it seems Kevin started adjusting to his new ball bowling a 216 in the third game which was a preview of his solid bowling over the next few weeks.

Week 15

I can honestly say I remember nothing from this week. Kevin had a solid 626 series and Brick bowled a 233 first game, 226 second game, and a disappointing 161 third game.

Week 16

I just mentioned Brick's numbers last week now check out this week 225, 237, 171. You would think an anchor bowler would know how to close out a series but apparently not. This week officially ended the disappointing first half record-wise. On a good not we all had pretty solid averages with Brick having a stellar 201, Tom 189, Ryan 188, and Kevin 179. I think this was also the week our favorite bowling waitress of all-time, Amanda, signed our guest book. After threatening her with having to wear the pink skirt and buying us beer she wandered onto here and left us a very nice note which read "Would have loved to wear the skirt, but couldn't let you guys down! Love it! Geppetto is awesome :)" Very nice, now if she will just wear the pink skirt and get us free beer that would be nice too.

No Tap Week:

Kevin missed his first week of the season which was great considering last year his missed his first week on the first week. Brick fell just short of a No Tap 300 in the 1st game with the first 9 strike and ended with around 287. Ryan bowled like crap and I think Tom bowled decent.

Week 17

Kevin bowled an amazing 215, 221, and 204 for a 640 series and raised his average to 181. He is still BY FAR the worst bowler on the team but it is encouraging to see some growth. Ryan bowled a 181,181 ...200 coming as close as any Llama to a triplicate series needing only a spare then strike in the 10th frame but accidentally going strike, strike. What could have been?! We lost the first 2 games but battled back and won the third along with total so we start the second half at 3-4.

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