Monday, November 2, 2009

2009-10 Week 10

The Llamas shot out of the gate in week 10 with a "friends stay together" 207's from Tom and Kevin and a season high 234 from Ryan. We won the first game by 100 pins and looked poised to continue our climb up the standings. But then we ran into a train, the good new is the train also brought out our second skirt of the season and not in the normal fashion. As we are all aware, a bowler must wear the skirt if they bowl 25% below their average which Kevin did 2 weeks ago. What some of our even most devote followers don't know is the other skirt rule which is if all bowlers accept one are over average and we lose by what the under average bowler misses his average by that bowler must wear the skirt. So Tom bowled a 236, Ryan a 239, and Kevin with a double strike in the 10th to get a 179 left Brick as the odd man out as his 172 was 19 pins under average. When we lost by only 10 that left Brick as our second "most beautiful girl in the world" of the season. In the third game we had a 300 bowled against us for the first time ever and that helped push us to 2-5 on the week. Side note: Ryan, on the verge of becoming the "second worst bowler on the team", jumped his average to 192 to keep the hard charging Tom and his 190 with the title.

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