Saturday, November 15, 2008

Week 11 2008-2009

This was a rather ho-hum week at bowling. We had a few close skirt calls with Ryan and Bryan. We had Tom bowling a very solid 605 series. We went 4-3 as a team. Brick bowled well the first game and was close to raging, due to his struggles, in the second game. Kevin, once again, was a no-show. Brick has decided to start self imposing the "if we don't win 7, we don't go out" rule even though it was likely Tom's last night as a free man with a child due any day now. I'm not to sure Bricks actions fall in line with "The Creed of the Llama Chasers." The kitty had a poor showing with only $7.25 being added. One last note: Barack O'Llama was thrown out as a potential name for getting 10 strikes in a row; it kind of just rolls off the tongue. Brick has vowed to get to 10 strikes in a row first so that name will not be used. 

Just to recap:
(# of Strikes)

3 - Turkey
4 - Llama
5 - Super Llama
6 - Mega Llama
7 - Ultra Llama
8 - Double Llama
9 - Dalai Llama
10 - Bahama Llama
11 - not bowled yet, -unnamed
12 - not bowled yet, unnamed

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