Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Week 12 2008-2009

With all the Llama Chasers in attendance, the Browns/Bills Monday night game, and Tom's first baby just hours from entering the world we look well prepared for a great night at bowling. Tom, maybe the nerves of the new baby on his mind, started by missing the head pin on his first 4 balls. I'm guessing he has never done that before but he recovered with a solid 198 first game and a 213 second game. Kevin had his best week of the year with 3 solid games and a 556 series. Brian was right around average all the 3 games. He did however forget to bring his llama's Browns hat which was disappointing with the big game on that night. Brick put up a very strong 615 series. Brick took back the team average lead with a 193 compared to Tom's 192. Ryan's struggles continued as he failed to bowl above his series average for 7 out of the last 8 weeks. We went 4-3 as a team and got a little bit closer to being .500 on the year with our record at 41-43.

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