Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Week 13 2008-2009

Let's first congratulate Llama Chaser Tom on the birth of his little llama, we understand both the baby's mama and baby girl are doing well. Tom decided to throw his perfect attendance award out the window and skip week 13 to stay home with the baby llama, a rather questionable decision. Let's me just say that I(Ryan) had a child a year and a half ago, I followed that up with a perfect attendance award the following bowling season. Some of us live "The Creed of the Llama Chasers" and some of us don't. Now on to the week that was...Kevin must have been at Tom's house helping with the child be cause he didn't show for bowling. We did have "Tankman"(that is what Brick called him) fill in. Tankman bowled a very Bryan like series in the 400 range. Bryan had one of his better weeks with a 155 game 1 and a 142 game 2. To the extreme pleasure of "Tankman", Ryan wore the skirt after bowling a 122 in game 2. Brick continued to build on his solid season with a 582 series. I almost forgot to mention that Bryan bowled 6 spares in a row which is the most by a Llama Chaser since we introduced the "Donkey" late last year. Because he was the first he gets to choose the name which we are still waiting on. My suggestion was The Carver Donkey because based upon his stats this year it is a miracle he made 6 in a row and he may never do that again. We'll keep you posted on the official name

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