Friday, December 5, 2008

Week 14 2008-2009

Tom, Ryan, Kevin, and Brick bowled this week and Bryan did not. Rumor has it that Bryan was home thinking of the 6 spares in a row donkey name. Ryan continued his season of unrealized dreams, bowling a very mediocre 177, 171, 163. Ryan's average continues to plummet and now stands at 178. Tom returned and bowled very well, a 191, 238, and my favorite 130. I'm hoping he forgets to wear underwear week 15. Kevin amazingly was the first to arrive at bowling this week. He and Brick both actually made it for practice bowling. the practice worked for Kevin but not so much for Brick. Brick came maybe the closest to the triplicate patch than anyone before with a 168, 169, 166. That would be a great series if you are a 150 average but not so much for a 192 average. We bowled "the blind" this week and failed to take all 7 for the second time this season which was very disappointing. Geppetto UPDATE: He left for Iraq on Monday, December 1st. After a quick layover in Bangor, Maine and then in Shannon, Ireland he arrived in Kuwait on Wednesday the 3rd. I have been told he is in great physical shape and plans to tour many of the bases in Iraq. Pictures should be coming soon. Please keep Geppetto and all of our troops in your prayers!!

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