Monday, December 22, 2008

Week 15 2008-2009

Every so often we talk about running into a train. Which means that it doesn't really matter how well we bowl as a team because our opponent is just bowling unbelievably well. It seems in years past we run into about five "trains" per half. This year, at least how I remember it, was our first which means our below .500 record is simply our fault. The first game we were over average as a team and lost by over 100 pins. The second and third games we didn't bowl well but it wouldn't have mattered. Some highlights: Ryan bowled his first llama in over a month and followed it up with a donkey in the second game, Ryan also bowled over his series average for only the 2nd time in 11 weeks although the 3rd game was a very disappointing 136. Brick had his worst series of the year with a 484, he was nice enough to treat us to the skirt after bowling a 139 in the second game. Speaking of skirts Tom wore his 3rd of the year in the first game and bowled a solid 203. This sounds like a broken record but Kevin showed up for the 3rd game and bowled a 171. Getting back to the skirt, I quickly did our averages with the skirt on(number of skirt game in parentheses) Tom 190(3), Ryan 182(3), Brick 170(3), and Bryan 132(4). We went 0-7 this week so the skirt percentage will be at 20% to start next week.

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