Wednesday, February 18, 2009

2008-2009 Week 25

3 bowlers in attendance is starting to become the rule and not the exception. In the ultimate "Do as I say, not as I do" move Brick decided to schedule vacation during bowling Monday. Bryan also missed, he texted me saying he will not be at bowling and wrote "I feel terrible." Some may read that text as he was terribly ill, I will take it as he had some great reason to miss bowling and that he felt terrible he couldn't be there. On to the fabulous week that was. We were bowling on the 1st pair of lanes and had the new "Pizza, Beer and Douchebags" league bowling next to us. Needless to say all bowling etiquette was thrown out the window. All three games were very close but clutch bowling from Tom and Kevin swung all 3 games in our favor. Tom, taking over Brick's anchor duties for the week, closed out the first game with a Super Llama for a 225. He enjoyed that so much he closed out the 2nd game with another Super Llama for a 237. Kevin rolled a 212 final game to seal the deal which included 8 strikes in total. Ryan bowled a slightly below average series of 526, it did include a donkey and a super donkey as well as 9 out of 10 on single pin spare conversions. Taking a closer look inside Tom's the 30 frames of the 3 games he only bowled less than a 9 on the first ball twice with two 8's in the first game, it would have been a very stellar no-tap series. He bowled the first 2 games "clean"(no opens) but the had 4 single pin spare misses in the 3rd game. In the end a very nice 624 series and some real clutch bowling when needed. Kevin series was 529 and as previously mentioned he came up big in the third game when he closed with a turkey which we desperately needed. So another great week, hopefully next week all 5 llamas will be there as we make a charge towards 1st place. 
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