Saturday, February 14, 2009

2008-2009 Week 24

Choo, Choo, Choo, Chooo....That's right the LLama Chasers are about to get run over by a train. The opposition started with 2 bowlers starting with 5 strikes in a row and it was all down hill from there as we lost all 7. There was one bright spot, we almost had a Dali Llama sighting and if I'm not mistaken it looked like Barack O'llama might have been with him but for right now we will never know. Ryan started the 1st game with an open, than a spare, seemed like just another average game but then all hell broke lose. First came the turkey, then the llama, the Super Llama was next, followed by the Mega Llama, then Bam! the Ultra Llama, then out of no where the Double Llama(8 strikes in a row), then.......9 pins only fell down and so did Ryan's heart. No drive no five. Well Ryan missed the 5 pin and ended with a 257 which ties him for the team high on the year with Brick and Tom. Ryan then bowled crappy games 2 and 3 and ended with a 595 series. however he did also bowl a Super Donkey in game 3. Brick continued bowling well with a 608 series, Tom had a 567 series, Bryan had a well over average 428 series, and Kevin had a 543 series. Oh by the way Tom penalty was triple fines for the week and much to our sorrow only added $2.25 to the kitty.

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