Friday, February 6, 2009

2008-2009 Week21

With all five Llamas in attendance tonight things started very well, right after Ryan and Bryan started with 7/0 first frames. Tom started with a Llama and ended with a great 228. It seemed certain with the Barack Obama inauguration tomorrow that Tom was going to get 10 strikes in a row and name it Barack O'Llama but it wasn't meant to be. Nate again threatened to quit the team if that happens, which would be a nice bonus. Nate started with a Turkey and ended with a 210. Kevin and Ryan bowled below average 165's. Bryan shot out of the gates with a 28 pin over average 153, as we cruised to a win. But Bryan wasn't done yet posting a stellar high game on the year of 191 in game 2. Ryan and Kevin rebounded to 198 and 192, respectively, which helped to make up for Tom and Nate's games in the 170's. We won game 2. Game 3 we ran out of gas and blew an 80 point lead for total to finish the week 4-3. Bryan finished with a 152 in Game 3 for a season high 496 series, which is over 100 pins over his series average.

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