Thursday, January 22, 2009

2008-2009 Week 20

The 3 bowlers who actually give a damn about this team showed up once again. Not like I have to tell you who they are but it's Tom, Ryan, and Brick of course. Reeling from the news of only winning 2 the previous week we all came out slow Tom, 180, Ryan 155, Brick 157. Game 1 down the tubes by over 200 pins. Game 2 we showed some life with Tom 191, Ryan 192, and Brick 215. Game 2 our scores were better but still another loss. Game 3 former errrr current Llama Chaser Kevin decided to show up and bowled a whopping 220 while wearing the skirt. Combined with Tom's 228, and Ryan and Bricks "Friends Stay Together" 157's we actually pulled out game 3. Apparently Brick can't handle the pressures of being Mr. 700 maybe we'll just call him Mr. 500 after a stellar 529 series this week. So instead of the Llama Chasers starting 14-0 after week 2, we now stand at a very disappointing 11-10 after 3 weeks.

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