Friday, January 16, 2009

Wow!! The Llama Chaser train is rollin!!!! After wiping the floor with our last opponent of the 1st half we came out on fire to start the second half. More precisely the 2 main cogs of the team, Brick and Tom, would not let us lose. Tom bowled a 225, 210, 223 and Brick bowled 193, 193, 248. The third game was neck and neck as Brick set aside his need for a 193 triplicate patch and instead put the team on his shoulders and ended with 6 strikes. And we needed every one of them. Kevin had a very nice week going until his third game, he bowled 194, 181, 125. It is always fun when we win and someone still ends up in the skirt. Ryan, starting to anchor in at a 178 average, was very consistent with  183, 173, 183. He really blew a chance for the triplicate patch by opening in the 10th frame of the second game. Bryan forgot we bowl on Mondays and decided to schedule some family doctors appointment, which I'm sure won't happen again. All in all just a great night on the lanes. It was really one of the more fun weeks we have had at bowling in a long time

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