Monday, August 24, 2009

2009-10 Week 1

And their the off...The Llama Chasers came firing out of the gates for the 09/10 campaign. Kevin set(or possibly tied) a record that will never be broken, a Llama in the first 4 frames. But he didn't stop there he got a donkey(4 spares in a row) in the next four frames. Simply amazing!! Kevin finished with a very nice 212 for the 1st game and Tom chipped in with a 205 as we won Game 1 by 1 pin. Game 2 featured the first Super Llama of the new season by Ryan which helped him to a team high game of 213 and to a team win in Game 2. Brick's bid for a perfect single pin spare percentage on the season died early in game 2. He only had 95 more games to go. He almost had it. Tom added his first Llama of the year in Game 3 but the dream of the perfect season died in week one as we lost game 3 but won total pins by 1 pin!!! Brick picked up on his season of lameness from last year and went home right after bowling to rest up for a big day at the zoo the next day. Someday he'll start showing some team spirit.

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