Friday, March 6, 2009

2008-2009 Week 19

The Llama Chasers bowled a day early this week so we could watch The Ohio State Buckeyes vs. the Texas Longhorns in the Fiesta Bowl on Monday night. The Llama train kept on rolling...or so we thought. Tom came in with a stellar 235, 180, 189 for a 604 series, Ryan went 161, 212, 202...575 series, Kevin went 168, 190, 176...534 series, Bryan went 147, 110, 112...369 series and last but certainly not least Brick aka Mr. 700 did an amazing 255, 192,  256 for a 703 series. That is Brick's second 700 in the last 3 weeks!!! If he keeps this up and he will only be referred to as Mr. 700 on this web site. There where Llamas all over the place Kevin, Tom, and Ryan each had one and Mr. 700 had 3!! That was the good news. We left the bowling alley that night on cloud nine knowing we had won 7, maybe 5 worst case, and that we were starting the second half 14-0, baby!!! Only to find out that we only won 2??? We requested the other teams recap sheet and sure enough whoever the heck we bowled decided to run a train on us, with all 5 bowlers bowling a 620 or better series. It looks like we may need Mr. 700 to turn into Mr. 800.

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