Monday, September 14, 2009

2009-10 Week 3

Another not so good night for the Llamas, although we didn't bowl that bad. Of course it is probably mid-November as you are reading this because Tom is so slow to update the web site. Tom had his best night of the year and the high team game so far with a 235. Brick bowled a Turkey in the first game and Kevin then whipped the turkey we have down the lane instead of into Brick's chest. Instead of Kevin getting up and getting the Turkey he just waited for the other team to walk down the lane and get it. We all bowled between 540 and 580 series and went 2-5 on the night. Full skirt rules take effect next week, who will be the first to wear the new pink polka dot skirt? I can't wait, I hope it is Brick. 
Police Blotter: A bowler in our league, we'll call him Scott D., was sentenced to 4 years in prison on 9/3/09 for distribution of child pornagraphy. Two days before his sentencing on 9/1 the Llama Chasers did their best to give him something good to think about, and let his team win all 3 games. Hopefully, he will focus on that particularly nice night of bowling when some dude has him bent over in the shower.

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