Monday, September 21, 2009

2009-10 Week 4

To all the Llama Chasers followers I apologize for Tom's unbelievable delay once again in getting stats up. I know most of you check Tuesday morning for the updates and yet nothing is updated until Sunday night. Tom even tried to pass on his duties as web site statistician but I let him know his resignation would not be accepted. I'm certain in the future the web site will be updated by Wednesday morning. I thank all of our followers for their patience. Finally a good week for us although it didn't start that way. Ryan, after mentioning he would like to see Brick in the new skirt, was oh so close to it. With opens in the first 5 frames totaling 43 he narrowly escaped the skirt with a 140 total just 2 pins on top of skirtville. Tom also struggled in the 1st game with a 159 and we lost Game 1. Game 2 we all bowled pretty good, Brick had a 210 and Kevin 203, and we won. Game 3 saw Ryan, Tom, and Brick with 201,210, and 211 respectively. That helped us win Game 3 and take total pins. On the night Ryan and Tom each had a llama and Brick added 2 to run his total to 5. Hopefully we build on this week and continue are winning ways. Remember check here Wednesday for your updated stats and recap.

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