Monday, March 29, 2010

2009-10 Week 30

We are almost there Llama Chaser Nation; the nightmare season is almost over. But the end cannot come soon enough for Tom. He did come out of the gate strong with a team leading 201 first game. I think he thought a good night was on the menu. Uhhh not so much, he just avoided the skirt in each of the last 2 games with a 145 and a 148. That gave Tom his 3rd consecutive series under 500 and lowered his average to 182. Unfortunately his crappy bowling score was actually the highlight of the night for Tom. He suffered a horrendous gash (err tiny cut) on his thumb which led to bleeding into the thumb hole. But being the warrior that he is he fought through the excruciating pain and managed that stellar 148 I mentioned. While that was going on he decided to clean his ball and dumped half the bottle of ball cleaner on his shirt and jeans. Well lets talk about the good bowlers on the team...Oh wait let me first address Kevin 176, 192, 145. One average game, one good game, and one bad game, about the norm over the last few weeks for Kevin. Now onto the Llama King. Another week, another week over series average, 637. I don't know how he does it. His average is now at 204.87. A rare llama free week for the Llama King but he did rack up 3 turkeys. Ryan officially became the "Llama Queen" this week or as I would prefer to be known as "The second most prolific Llama bowler on the Llama Chasers (if not the nation)". That's right with llama number 15 in the books; the second best bowler on the team now owns the second most llamas. Ryan started with the first 4 strikes in game 2 and ended with a season high 248 game and helped lead the team to their only win on the night. Ryan followed the 248, up with a solid 203, but the 147 first game kept him from a 600 series. We did actually win total pins on the night so we went 3-4 and now stand at 34-64. Rob chose his real family over his Llama Chaser family tonight, which is ridiculous!! Last but not least I would like to congratulate the members of "Llama Chasers Chicago" for there solid night on the lanes and the 2 llamas that were bowled. I do however want to let Saldie know that Llamas are not sex toys, so whatever you were doing with Brian's llama in that picture cut it out. 3 weeks to go and then the year in review recap which I know everyone is waiting for. As always please check out and don't forget to sign the guest book.

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