Monday, March 22, 2010

2009-10 Week 29

The Llama Chasers finally caught a break and won all 7 this week. You may be wondering if the other team just didn't show up and you would sort of right. There are an odd number of teams in our league and every 13 or so seeks you get to bowl the "blind". This means you bowl against nobody but you still must get within 50 points of your team average each game. Sad to say we have lost to the "blind" in the past but we kicked its ass tonight!! Nothing really earth shattering tonight. Brick continued to own the Freeway Lanes. With his career high average standing at 204 he went out and once again bowled over average with a 625 series. Rob, in his rookie season, continues to get better each week and bowled 66 pins over his average series for a 456. Ryan, who has struggled some as of late, had a good week with a 586 and took his average back-up to 185 and clearly stands as the second best bowler on the team. Now let’s look at the not so good. Kevin has had a rough few weeks and it continued tonight. His 157 game 1 and 151 game 3 were stellar compared to his 131 game 2. I'm starting to think he feels much more himself in the skirt as he decided to put it on for the 2nd week out of the last 3. Just a few weeks back it looked like he was going to make a strong run at the second best bowler on the team but now stands at 180 and should probably be more concerned with beating Rob each week. Which he was unable to do this week, 456 for Rob vs. 439 for Kevin. No big deal, his average is only 50 pins higher then Rob. Rob essentially closes his eyes and whips the ball down the lane so I can see how that would be tough to beat, NOT!! Now onto my little Care Bear. To say Tom has struggled lately would be he understatement of the year. His 469 series tonight dropped him to a 182 average, a full 11 pins below his 193 average last year. Ouch!! So he doesn't help us on bowling night, so you would think he would at least update the web site in a timely fashion but nope. We are going to refer to him from now on as "Doesn't Care Bear" for his horrendous bowling and horrendous updates. Again please e-mail Doesn't Care Bear and let him know how disappointed we all are in him. As always please check us out at and also tell your friends to join us on Facebook.

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