Monday, October 19, 2009

2009-10 Week 8

Oh what a night!!! Llama Chaser history was made tonight. Where to begin?? XXXXXXXXX. (Ill get back to this). The first game went on with little fanfare just another ho-hum llama chaser win behind a stellar 248 from Brick and average games from the rest of us. However in game 2 the stakes were raised. As I mentioned a few weeks back the team added a beautiful new skirt this year, a rather long skirt that is pink with black polka dots. As Ryan sang "Did you happen to see the most beautiful girl in the world?" and beautiful young man named Kevin dropped his pants and put on the pink skirt after bowling a fantastic 129. Seeing Kevin in the skirt got some juices flowing on the team. In fact, Tom, who was having stomach issues, almost crapped his pants but unfortunately made it to the bathroom. Which was sad because it could have over shadowed what was about to happen with Brick. Brick started with a Turkey, then a Llama, then a Super Llama, Mega Llama, Ultra Llama, then a double Llama, and next into vary rare territory the Dali Llama(maybe only the second time ever). You've read that right 9 frames nine strikes. Pressure on, no llama chaser has ever gotten 10 in a row, Brick throws a beautiful ball and the Bahama Llama is born, strike number 10, only 2 more for the 300 and two name the final to Llama's for strike 11 and 12. Brick throws another solid ball hits the pocket pretty good, one pin is standing but here comes a bird dog...but it comes up empty and the 10 pin is left standing. Brick ends with a career high 289 game and a career high 736 series. Congrats to Brick and the Bahama Llama.

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