Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Week 1 - The Turkey Incident

Welcome back Llama Chaser Nation!!! Week 1 is in the books and what a week it was, we have a new 5th bowler, Tom looked like a new bowler, and Brick picked up right where he left off. Let's start with Tom. Coming off an absolutely horrendous season Tom came out of the gates firing. He first game 212, second game 201, third game 236, for a 649 series!! Hopefully this is a sign of things to come. Brick was already in mid-season form with a 204, 247, 168 - 629 series. Brick had one cup of beer in the 3rd game and as you can see he was wasted. Kevin also looked stellar the first week with a 182, 205, 205 - 591 series. Ryan looked good but didn't bowl good the first 2 games with a 146 and 164 but then he shook off the dust and bowled a 239 third game for a near average 549 series. This brings us to the new guy, Brandon. Everyone wondered would he be a douchebag like Rob, or unreliable like Bryan, or awesome like Brian(he is letting me stay at his place in Chicago this weekend so I had to be nice). Plus Brick found him so that was another strike against him but let me tell you he fit in perfectly. Brandon wasn't really even afraid to make the crazy noises we make for a llama or turkey and whatever else. His bowling was ok for the first week 168, 160, 183 - for a 511 series. But tonight was not about Brandon's bowling, it was about The Turkey Incident. As you all know if somone bowls 3 strikes in a row it is a turkey, we all make a gobble, gobble noise and we have a little hand held foam turkey that we whip or toss gently to the person who just bowled the turkey or if Brick gets a turkey he runs back to the table like a little school girl so he doesn't get the turkey thrown at him. We have had 1 or 2 bad tosses in the past but nothing prepared us for tonight. Ryan just bowled a turkey and the other 4 decided to try and fool Ryan as to where the turkey was coming from . Nate was standing up and pretended to throw the turkey, but he didn't have it. Kevin did the same. Then Tom and Brandon simultaneously throw something at me; one item was the turkey and the other was a white towel. At that moment I didn't know which was which and both throws sucked. Being the stellar athlete that I am I was able to get a fingertip on the turkey but that is where the trouble started. As I watched in slow motion and thought to myself '"nooooooooo" the turkey bounces 2 lanes over directly in front of a bowler who is just set to release the ball. The turkey literally jumped the bowling ball as it was being released from his hand. I ran back to the table and no one on our team would go get the turkey which was now a few feet down the lane. The bowler who got "turkeyed" wasn't very pleased, instead of being impressed by the turkeys jumping ability he got mad, erased his score, and bowled a 3 on his next ball. I am happy to report none of the Llama Chasers were harmed and the bowler soon forgave us. I wish we had video of this because my words do not do it justice. So that was week 1, unfortunately the team we were supposed to bowl didn't show up so we aren't sure what our record is. Lets hope 7-0. As always please sign the guestbook at and check us out on

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  1. They way this read I was thinking it was gonna be another 'pom-pom incident.'