Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Week 4 2008-2009

Or should I say weak 4. The Llama Chasers came out extremely flat and suffered through their first 0-7 week of the season. Ryan struggled, starting with a career high 204 average and not coming close to that in any of the games. He barely avoided the skirt in game 1 and in game 3 he couldn't avoid it. Get ready to see some pretty legs next week. The only good news was Bryan decided to treat us to an amazing 89 in the first game. He was dealing with some foot issue so maybe will get him a little slack, but I've seen blind, crippled people bowl higher than an 89. Needless to say, Bryan wore his 2nd skirt of the year and was very charitable to the kitty. Surprise, surprise, Kevin even made it to bowling for the 3rd game of the night. On the night Tom was around his average series and Brick was a little below. Brick drank the first ever cup of coffee at the Llama table continuing his season of gayness. Ryan may have to watch himself in the skirt next week with Brick sitting next to him.

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