Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Week 5 2008-2009

Hee-Haw!! Hee-Haw!! Hee-Haw!! You guessed it, we had our first "donkey" of the new season. Ryan was the proud bowler who bowled 4 spares in a row. Not to be outdone Brick followed with one a short time later. We had a solid week going 5-2. Tom had a very impressive 611 and seems to be finding his way after a slow start on the season. Ryan had the skirt on the 1st game but bowled well and only added a few quarters to the kitty. The big story of the week was Brick losing his composure during game 1 and then losing his pants. As he struggled to hit the head pin, the political talk at the table was too much for him to handle. Brick then banned all political talk at the table for the rest of the year. As was mentioned he lost his pants and had to wear the skirt in game 2. Bryan decided to drink green tea instead of beer which I'm pretty sure was the cause of him bowling a 99 in the 3rd game. Bryan is well on pace to beat Tom's 2007 record of 11 skirts in one season, with 3 already through just 5 weeks.

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