Thursday, October 9, 2008

Week 6 2008-2009

The Llama Chasers finally put together back to back winning weeks, going 4-3 this week after going 5-2 last week. The much anticipated lane switch took place this week, with the league moving from lanes 15 thru 28  to lanes 37 to 50. Brick had a very solid week with a 611 series and Tom had 2 great games and one skirt-worthy game. Tom had a "Bryan Moment" in the 10th frame. Basically just needing to hit 1 or 2 pins with his first ball to avoid the skirt  he threw the ball in the gutter, which the rest of the team really enjoyed. Brick had 2 llamas and Tom had 1 on the night. A few weeks back Ryan compared himself to several bowling legends, after bowling a 128 this week(and wearing his 2nd skirt in as many weeks) I think it is safe to assume he will not make that mistake in the near future. He had his worst series on the year a 485 a pretty much cost the team winning total pins. Bryan was absent. The most important news to come out of week 6 was the fact that Kevin is switching positions at his job which will free up Monday nights. Welcome back buddy!!

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