Friday, September 17, 2010

Week 3 - The Year of the Llama

Before the season started I warned the other teams of the Shorehaven Men’s League that the Llama’s were coming. I warned them!!! If they weren’t listening then they are now. The Llamas came firing out of the gate with Tom rolling a Mega-Llama and Ryan throwing a Super Llama. The other team didn't know what hit them with a 223 from Tom, a 204 from Brick, and a 203 from Ryan. That added up to a 140+ pin victory in game 1. Before we go forward let me thank Brandon for his 2 great new additions to the team. First he brought a deck of cards with girls on them, some of them were even naked. That's not really my thing, but Tom, Kevin, and Brick sure did enjoy them. The second item Brandon brought was on of the best additions to the team in years...a flying turkey. The ironic part is we were bowling the team from the “Week 1 – Turkey Incident” and now we have a turkey that can fly 30 feet in the air. I think the Turkey even brought us some luck as we threw 10 turkeys on the night. If anyone in Llama Chaser Nation knows anyone who can make us a flying Super Llama send them our information. Now back to bowling, game 2 Kevin, Ryan, and Brick all bowled over 200 and we won again. Before this game started I think a light bulb went off in Tom's head and he started thinking after his 223 that if this continues his average going into next week will be about 210 and he'd be in serious skirt danger. This is when he started to bowl like a “blind 8 year old girl like last year” to quote a fellow Llama Chaser who will remain nameless. Tom finished game 2 with a 170 and game 3 with a 160. In the third game the Llama stomp was on with Ryan bowling a 234, to finish with a 640 series, Brandon with a 187 and his first turkey on the year, and Kevin with a 209. A warning to the rest of the teams in the league: Mike A. who was on the team we bowled, had the nerve to call out Ryan and then Ryan when out at destroyed him with a 640 series compared to an embarrassing 490 for Mike. It didn't have to be that way, but if you mess with a Llama they tend to fight back. As you would guess we won all 7 games and now sit at 14-7 on the year. Ryan had 3 Llamas on the night, Tom had 1 and Brick had 1. Brick has the team Llama lead with 5. A quick shout out to Sheila from Facebook for her support of the Llama Chasers!! I hate to disappoint you and the other young ladies following us but you are much more likely to see Kevin or Tom in the skirt and they don't look half as good as this sexy Llama. Week 4 brings the skirt rules back in to play so hopefully we will win 7 again but have Brick, Brandon, Tom, or Kevin in the skirt next week. One last note: we are working on some Llama Chaser merchandise like t-shirts and Llama Chaser Groupie t-shirts let us know if you are interested. The YEAR OF THE LLAMA has begun...enjoy the ride!!!

I Warned You!! The Llamas are coming!!

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